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In a world of Sewing these days everything has to be perfect! So, I try to find the artistry in basic sewing like the days of childhood and sewing we just create a need and tried to make it simple and to the point. As I mention before my mum taught me to quilt by hand but these days me and my sewing machine are enjoying taking things bigger with big blocks. With big blocks it just seems a lot more simple. You can't mess up a big blog quilts! You just sew and create. Simple! I don't know about you but I hate to overthink things these days. "life is too Short" I discovered so many big block quilts on Pinterest and I am hooked. As a mum myself it took me a week to complete .. if your a mum too you know the deal. But it is finished! I started with one pattern and ended with another I guess that is the joy of it all . Kinda like a little surprise. How sweet it is to just SEW!

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