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Boho Dress McCall's M7544

I like simple patterns and this was simple. I used Mc Calls M7544 to create a baby doll boho inspired dress. Now, if you follow my Instagram you know I've had many sugeries due to endomestriosis. and I still suffer from end belly which is caused by flare up from the endometriosis so I don't do dresses that hug my mid section. So this summer I wanted light and cute dresses that do not hug the middle area. So this pattern did the job. I think it is also great for a maternity dress (I am not Pregnant so don't ask). But, if your a mom with a baby bump and you like to sew this is the dress for you. I am really pleased with the results it was quick and to the point. I will used it again but I will have to do some adjustments. Such as I next time I use the pattern, I will gather the top instead of pleats also a latch to the neck yoke instead of none. I found that the yoke was just a tad close for me.Lastly I wanna try a bell sleeve. All in all I like it. If you have question ask away below! By the way I use linen burnt orange some may say coral.

Thanks for reading!

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