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Happy October 1st. can you believe we are in October already. I am just getting use to dealing with pumpkin spice everything. But this week I have the honor of using the Olfa Rotary Cutter and Karen Nyberg Earth Views Threads. Creating fun simple gifts for holiday. So I created a simple throw pillow.

Here are a few supplies you will need:

Olfa Rotary Cutter

Arufil thread

Cotton Stuffing

Sewing machine

5 Fat Quarter (please note you may have extra. I like using fat quarters to start with)

Fabric Requirements

Fabric A Grey

Fabric B Blue

Fabric C white

Fabric D Cranberry

Fabric E Natural

Steps 1

Create 4 sets of flying geese using your fabric D & E

Steps 2

Then cut Fabric A and C into two 12 X 3 1/2

Step 3

Cut Fabric B (2) 4x 4

Then you can piece them together base on my design or create your own. I genuinely love creating throw pillows and giving them out as holiday gifts to my friends

For this pillow I use a 1/4 stitch seam allowance. Usually I love creating designs that just jump out to me and become my own art work. While using this pattern you can repeat what I did or move around your pieces to create your own.

I decided to quilt my pillow using organic lines but I wanted to use different threads from the Aurifil collection because it offers a boho look that pops out beautiful earthy colors. That is one thing I really adore about the Aurifl threads there are so many ways to express your creativity through threads.

Like most pattern I know that it can be a little confusing but I am here to share and help you so if you have any questions make sure you follow me on Instagram. Simply DM or send me your questions and I will be more than happy to help.

Remember this is your art work and you are the master of your quilting design so create!

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Presenting thé “The Dottie Quilt”

This is a dream for me. For years I’ve always wanted to create a pattern to share with the world. As bad as 2020 has been for me with dealing with my home catching on fire, to our car being hit and wreaked by a drunk driver. It could have been worse. Whatever the case, it’s been one heck of a year but throughout those stormy moments there is a bit of sunshine. The launch of my quilt pattern which I named after the woman who taught me how to quilt, my mommy! The quilt is inspired by my childhood growing up in the Bronx. Graffiti was all over the BX- how New Yorkers refer to the Bronx. There were lots of bright colors that I will never forgot which helped me create my designs.

I am so happy to bring to life the mixture of lines, colors and designs that are in my head. So order your pattern now and let’s get to quilt making. Click link here to order yours!
growing up on the
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Patti Basemi Dream Collection with Art Gallery Fabrics

It was really a dream come true when Patti instant messaged me and ask me if I would like to create my quilt using her new collection. I’ve been working on my pattern for a while now so I was extremely excited to share it. I know so many of you have been waiting to get a glimse of it and so now you have. My quilt was inspired by my mum, hence the reason I named it the Dottie Quilt. My pattern will be on sale this December so make sure you stay tuned for the release by following my instagram. Until then take a look at these pictures and then head on over to the art gallery and check out Daydream Fabric Lookbook.