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12 Mini in 12 Months 2023

We have finally reached the end of the year. Upon traveling through my city I found inspiration for the diamond door when I can across this amazing building in Manhattan. New York is my city and although I believe here and there I'm from France lol. I really love this city for the architectural designs I see everywhere. There is so much inspiration around the city of Manhattan NY. he colors the crosswalk which inspired my first quilt pattern. I am always inspired.

When I was asked to be apart of 12 months of 12 minis I was overwhelmed with joy to be a designer. Super greatful for the opportunity. Most of you know by now I limit my use of colors but I could not resist with all of the holiday colors of fabrics I cam across. Can you see the doors on the front of the building. I wanted to use EPP to really sharpen out the look. Now, I have to admit I am new to EPP. But, when you start you can really transform your quilting journey. The pattern is super simple. I added board to it but you can create your block with or with out it. Using the pattern template in the pattern can help you create the block

This mini finishes at 7x7. As RIHANNA sing diamonds are a girls best friend so I do encourage you to try your hand at it. Please follow along on my instagram and YouTube for additional tutorials on the Diamond mini block and purchase it here link !

Thank you my fellow design friends and visit they're @instagram for the rest of the mini blocks

@centerstreetquilts @feltlikeswewets @jikadesign @shesewcurly @kileysquiltroom @knotandthread @lizataylorhandmade @quiltedstudios @sewhookedontreasures @wellspringdesigns_co @white_rosedesigns

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