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Image by Elena Joland, Eat Quilt Joy
Porfiria Gomez NYC Modern Quilter  from Bronx to Brooklyn

Hello There !

Eat.Quilt.Joy is about finding joy in life through creative avenues. As a quilter, I strive to create beautiful pieces that tell stories, evoke emotion and bring joy to each person who sees them.

I have a passion for using my hands but also to inspire others to find their own joy. To that end, I also share recipes and Minimal lifestyle tips that I have learned from my Mother, who loves to cook and bake.

What Happening!

My quilting journey began years ago when I became a mom. Since then, I have devoted myself to perfecting my craft and creating one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the joy and warmth that quilts bring to our lives. Whether you’re looking for a custom quilt, seeking inspiration for your own project, or simply want to browse a collection of beautiful and unique pieces, look no for your threads! Get yours today its on sale for $49

Porfiria Gomez Threads


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Meet The Porfiria

 Bonjour! I am a sewing enthusiast, self-proclaimed designer and blogger. I'm a dreamer and lover of family life. I also have a passion to create beautiful things. These days you will find me on my sewing machine getting lost in old school romance while I create one of my many  loves either a quilt, cooking or a beautiful piece of lingerie.


Life Passion 

Here you will find my joys of life! 

Porfiria Gomez Best Eats


Porfiria Gomez Sewist



Image by Vino Li

Kind Words

I am sharing my world with others and it is the hardest thing I've  ever done..Some have shared that I live in a bubble. At one point in my life that comment hurt me but I have accepted that , I do live in my bubble joyfully! The bubble I live in is a world of beauty and kindness. So feel free to create your own bubble with me in world of chaos you will find your joy!

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