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I'm Going to Quiltcon

YES,YES I am on my my way too quiltcon. This will be my first visit to this amazing quilting convention. I have created my list of must see vendors. I will try my hardest to maintain my self when I see some of the wonderful quilters I've followed on social media. Here are a few I look forward to seeing Daisy from , ARIANNA CAGGIANO @quiltkween, RIANE MENARDI MORRISON @riane.elise, ANGELA WALTERS @angelafmq these are just a few I am inspired by. So if you see me there don't hesitate to say Hi. I have added the countdown to my page to share. In the meantime I wanted to share some makes from over the years that I did not post to my blog check it out. In the near future I will hopefully share an e-book on my quilt journey.

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