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Is anyone interested in my quilt life?

Where do I start….. well it’s 2AM on Friday morning. I’ve been going through a ruff week of work and stress. Trying to find myself I guess and all I seem to think about clearly is a quilt. I’m not even sure if anyone reads my blog? I decided I would just write and post. March 15, 2022 I will be launching my third pattern. I wrote and design it on my own. It’s a hot ass mess! I guess its my beautiful mess. But I am determined to release a product that I did on my own. I’ve seen so many other quilters prepping for the release of they’re new quilt patterns. Am I afraid mine will flop? Yes, after all I don’t think I am even notice as a quilt designer in the world. My other two pattens sort of sunk into the unknown creating sells that couldnt even afford a full dinner for the family. But it’s not about the money, my dream is just to be know for my craft. To have a seat at the table with the other amazing quilt artist. But again is there anyone out there who reads this?

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