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Let’s talk Color! Summer Sampler 2022

Pops of Color! When creating your quilt finding colors that reflects your mood can be easy breezy! Right after you have your pattern ( By the way purchase your Summer Sampler Pattern there is a coupon code below) the next most important step is to pick a color or colors! When doing this I always think of these few questions.

How am I feeling? Your feelings can share intimate details about who you are. Next, what vibes do I want to give off with this quilt? Your vibe is pretty much what other may feel when they see your beautiful creation.

The the next question is Neturals or Brights? I love neutrals but lately I am falling for brights. Some one recently share neturals are my love language😍 and they are!

Once you have answers these question you then can make an assessment of what and how you will fall into your quilting plan. But always remember you can find color inspiration almost everywhere. But feeling and emotions can bring out the colors you may like and want to see in your quilt.

I use color cards I“ve picked up from my local #michealscraft store. Some others create their own color code cards by using paint sample card you can fine at Home Depot or Lowes. Your you can purchase a box of markers and paint cards yourself. Either way find what is easiest for you. I've also used a Kona color chart

This month I will be joining #chooseyourownadventurequilt quilt along. Spend the summer making a Choose Your Own Adventure Sampler Quilt! If you need your Summer Sampler fix, this quilt along is for you! (The Summer Sampler is taking a break this summer–Katie is one of the Summer Sampler co-hosts).

You'll get everything you've come to expect from the Summer Sampler patterns—9 block patterns, Welcome Guide with fabric requirements, coloring pages, FAQs, finishing instructions, designer tips and tricks, and much more—for just $34.99.

Use the code MRSPORFIRIA for $5 off until May 31, 2022.

Quilt-along dates: June 6-September 12, 2021.

Fabric Requirements + Kits

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